Exhibition Game Billed as "Seattle vs. the League" Will Not Bring the NBA Back to Seattle

On July 23, KeyArena is slated to host some serious homegrown NBA talent--the first NBA talent to grace its hardwood since the Sonics skipped town three years ago--in an exhibition game for charity that is being marketed at "Seattle vs. the League." Seeing Aaron Brooks, Brandon Roy, Martell Webster, Michael Dickerson, and Spencer Hawes up close and in person should be fun. But let's not confuse this event with anything having to do with the return of the NBA to Seattle, OK?

We say this because Brian Floyd over at SB Nation got a little overexcited, and, servants of the public interest that we are, we hope to prevent others from making the same error of exuberance.

Quoting Floyd:

While a charity game is just an exhibition, it's a chance for the city to come out, watch some of its own talent and send a message -- to the NBA and to the politicians in Seattle, King County and Olympia. Show them we're still hungry for professional basketball. Remind them what it feels like to have a packed arena with a raucous crowd decked-out in green and gold.

Sorry, but David Stern is not paying attention to a summer exhibition game in Seattle. Also, what's the message that we want our political leaders to hear? That we want them to borrow a bunch of money to pay for an arena to entice some rich dudes into buying the Kings or the Hornets and move them here?

So, yes: Show up, dress in green and gold, have an awesome time, and support what is undoubtedly a good cause. Let's just not get silly.

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