This Week in Starbucks Crime

Welcome to TWISC, in which we catalog the bad acts occurring at Starbucks' 17,000-odd worldwide locations over the past seven days, as well as the week's fallout from prior Starbucks-related misdeeds. In this edition: another toilet-cam is uncovered, a public masturbator arrested, a police-officer impersonator and armed robber sentenced, and more!


First to Florida, where a 44-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday for, yes, installing a hidden camera in a Starbucks bathroom. Specifically, Eric Efaw stands accused of attaching a small camera to a pipe under the sink of a unisex Starbucks restroom and pointing it at the toilet. This happened in a mall on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida.

Eric Efaw would apparently like to see you pee.

The case against Efaw seems strong, as police, upon reviewing the seized footage, discovered that he left the camera on while walking to his car and opening his trunk. They were able to identify him from his license-plate number.

(Special note to all you hidden camera-istas out there: Don't hit the record button--you know, the one with the big red circle on it--until you or something that identifies you, such as your license plate, is comfortably out of the shot. Honestly, how many more cautionary tales on this subject do we need after the exploits of this guy?)

Efaw told officers that he'd taken surreptitious videos at the bathroom six or seven times over the past couple of months, periodically installing and removing the camera. Cops weren't sure whether any of his footage had made it onto the Internet.


Next up, Texas, where a 40-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday at a Starbucks in McAllen for masturbating in plain view of other customers, including children, while perusing content on his cell phone. According to the (McAllen) Monitor, a woman sitting near Jose Raul Tobias Maravilla told cops that he "kept shaking his leg and afterward grabbed a napkin and wiped his penis, which she could see." Continues the Monitor:

The officer who arrived at the scene noted in the report that Maravilla had visible wet spots in his briefs near his genital area. And when the officer asked the suspect to stand up in order to arrest him, Maravilla had an erection.

The 40-year-old Maravilla was charged with indecent exposure, and faces up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000 if convicted.


And now over to Washington, D.C., where, on April 28, 2010, a 50-year-old man named Ralph Clark entered a Starbucks near Howard University, told the clerk he was an undercover police officer investigating store employees, and asked to be shown to the supervisor's office. Once there, Clark pulled out a gun and demanded money, which was given to him. He was arrested soon after fleeing the store.

Clark pleaded guilty to armed robbery and impersonating an officer in March, and today was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


And lastly but never leastly, New Jersey! Amanda Walker, 25, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly acting as a lookout and would-be getaway driver in an armed robbery of a Starbucks on Memorial Day in Wayne. Walker allegedly assisted her boyfriend/the father of her child, Robert Rudy, as he robbed the store at gunpoint. Something in their plan apparently went wrong, as he was apprehended shortly after the robbery in a foot chase with police. In a sad reflection of the state of chivalry in our times, it was Rudy's statement to police that apparently led them to Ms. Walker.

Amanda Walker held up her end of the Bonnie and Clyde bargain, and look where it got her.


That's it for this week. Until next time, remember: If you're in a Starbucks and you need to masturbate, don't do it in front of the children. Instead, go to the bathroom, remove/disable any cameras hidden in the pipes under the sink, and bombs away!

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