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You've read the story . You've seen the movie . You've viewed the police reports . Now here's the final installment in this week's coverage


The (Alleged) Adventures of Phoenix Jones: The 911 Calls

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You've read the story. You've seen the movie. You've viewed the police reports. Now here's the final installment in this week's coverage of "kinda sorta superhero" Phoenix Jones: recordings of three 911 calls placed by Jones last year, in which he reports suspected crimes in Belltown, Chinatown, and Rainier Beach.

The recordings were obtained as part of Seattle Weekly's public disclosure request filed with Seattle police in an attempt to independently verify Jones' claims that he was shot and stabbed, and helped the cops arrest multiple criminals. Ultimately we found that, as of May 5, police had responded to 18 incidents involving Jones and/or his real-life identity. They filed reports in seven of those cases and made two arrests.

Owing to time constraints--it takes quite awhile for SPD's records division to compile and redact audio files--we only requested the 911 recordings for four instances in which SPD filed police reports. One of those recordings was withheld because it is part of an ongoing investigation. Here we have the other three.

There's nothing particularly earth-shattering about the calls, but they are illustrative of Jones' personality, particularly his vigilance when it comes to keeping his eyes peeled for potential lawbreakers. He phones in reports about being offered pills on the street, a domestic dispute, and a suspicious vehicle circling the block. But in each case, when police investigated, they could never turn up enough evidence to make an arrest.

In the first call, placed last December 12, Jones asked a guy smoking a cigarette outside of a bar in Belltown to dial 911. Jones had been offered Vicodin on First Avenue between Bell and Battery Streets. The 911 dispatcher is clearly a bit taken aback when the caller describes Jones as looking "like a Batman without a cape." According to the police report, the suspected drug dealer was allowed to go free after he produced a prescription for the pills. (Note: The audio files don't seem to show up if you're using Chrome. Switch to Firefox if you want to listen to them.)

In this call, Jones reports a domestic dispute taking place in the street at 58th Avenue South and South Roxbury Street. Here's how we described the encounter in this week's cover story:

On Feb. 20, Jones reported a domestic dispute after he spotted a man "grabbing" his wife in the couple's Rainier Beach driveway. The responding officer reported smelling alcohol on the man's breath, and was told the argument began when the woman stormed out of the house after discovering that her husband had been mailed a copy of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. It was just an argument, they said, and it never escalated to physical violence. Jones claims he saw the man pull the woman's hair, but he didn't mention this to the 911 dispatcher. Once again, police did not make an arrest.

Lastly, in this call from December 21, Jones reports a suspicious cream-colored Toyota Camry that he and his sidekicks spied circling South Jackson Street and making "drug hand-offs" to several street dealers. Despite Jones' assurance to the 911 operator that "you can't miss him," police were unable to locate the vehicle when they arrived on the scene. Jones did not get the vehicle's license-plate number.

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