Top 20 Supreme Court-Approved Violent Video Games

Yo, Timmy! I got the new Amateur Abortionist game!
On Monday the United States Supreme Court ruled that video games deserve the same First Amendment protections as movies and art--effectively overturning a law in California that banned the sale of violent video games to minors.

The ruling, combined with last week's local news that Seattle-based PopCap Games was about to be bought by Electronic Arts for a cool $1 billion, makes it clear that it's a good time to be a video-game maker.

So in that spirit, here are 20 video-game titles that could easily be made now that inappropriate content is officially no longer an issue.

20. Kitten Hunt

19. Grand Theft Alki

18. Amateur Abortionist

17. Super Mario Mafia

16. Sim City Crack Dealer

15. Madden NFL 2011: Quarterback Concussions

14. Baby Feast

13. Final "Schoolgirl" Fantasy

12. Eunuch Factory

11. Lil's Wayne's Purple Drank Drivin'

10. Need for Speed: Pedophile Van Edition

9. Ron Jeremy the Hedgehog

8. Angry Turds

7. Call of Duty: Arizona Border Militia

6. Helicopter Moose-Kill with Sarah "Sniper" Palin

5. World War II Sailors: Avoiding the Clap

4. Mission Accomplished featuring George W. Bush

3. Petting Zoo Zombie Bloodbath

2. World of Whorecraft

1. Mortal Kombat: Bum Fight Annihilation

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