Report: Apple iCloud Is Powered by Microsoft Azure (WTF?)

The geeks at InfiniteApple claim to have discovered some rather surprising news involving Apple's much-ballyhooed new cloud-computing service iCloud. If they're right, it would seem that Steve Jobs owes Steve Ballmer a hearty thank-you.

The blog says it has confirmed that Microsoft Azure and even Amazon Cloud Drive servers are partially powering Apple iCloud.

The techies used a rather complicated process that I can't claim to understand completely. But suffice to say it involved sending files from iPhones with Apple iOS 5 beta in it and then monitoring the traffic.

We sent an image from and to iPhones running a beta copy of iOS 5. The resulting traffic showed, quite clearly, the use of Azure services for hosting purposes. We don't believe iCloud stores actual content. Rather, it simply manages links to uploaded content. (Caveat: iCloud is currently in beta, and details may change.)

Apple and Microsoft have yet to confirm or deny the link.

GigaOM, another tech blog, says it ran the theory by some experts, who say it's inconclusive.

Still, for Apple to stoop so low as to secretly pirate storage off its arch-nemesis would be a pretty ballsy move.

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