Oregon Police Claim to Have Found the Largest Outdoor Pot Grow Site Ever

pot bust01.jpg
Attention, Pacific Northwest pot connoisseurs. If your next bag is slightly harder to come by, there's a chance it may have to do with this.

From The Oregonian:

Police in remote northeastern Oregon destroyed more than 91,000 marijuana plants, found a stash of weapons and arrested six suspects this week, stubbing out what they call the biggest outdoor pot operation ever discovered in the state.

Apparently the grow site was stumbled upon by some bear hunters. It's essentially described as a trash-strewn wasteland of irrigation tubing, tents, guns, and rows of weed plants.

Here's a photo of one of the makeshift living quarters.

pot grow site02.jpg

These six individuals were arrested in connection to the site.

Gone from the coverage of the bust so far is the fact that trash-littered, thug-patrolled wilderness-turned-pot plantations like this would likely be a thing of the past if marijuana were legalized and regulated.

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