More Mayoral Lawn-Sign Shenanigans in Whidbey Island Town of Oak Harbor

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Jim Slowik
In February, Oak Harbor Mayor Jim Slowik waltzed into an antiques store on his town's main drag, pulled from the window a lawn sign bearing his name--crossed out and accompanied by a scrawled-in "VOTE HIM OUT!!!"--and left making "some mumbling sounds," according to the store's proprietor.

Now, Slowik's only declared opponent in his re-election campaign has a lawn-sign scandal of his own.

Since declaring his candidacy for mayor on June 8, Scott Dudley, a city councilman, had managed to get over 200 lawn signs up all around Oak Harbor. Just one problem with this: According to the city code, political lawn signs aren't permissible until two months before an election. In this case, with absentee balloting set to begin in October, the signs aren't street legal until August.

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Scott Dudley.
Unlike Mayor Slowik, who insisted he was in the right in reclaiming his long-lost sign from a constituent upset with the controversial push to turn the town's main thoroughfare, Southeast Pioneer Way, into a one-way street, Dudley acknowledges that he screwed up.

"I was definitely not aware [of the city rule against premature lawn signs], and apologize for any confusion it may have caused," Dudley told the Whidbey News-Times

We have a feeling this won't be the last time we have news for you about this exciting race.

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