Alleged Attempted Murderer and Drug Dealer Montes Meesio Antonio Gives Gift of Self to Xenophobic Illegal Immigrant Haters

Like so much in life, it all started with a $5,000 amphetamine debt.

According to a Kitsap County Sheriff's office press release, Montes Meesio Antonio, a 20-year-old illegal immigrant living in West Bremerton, was fed up after getting stiffed by a tweaker client, and, in true American fashion, decided to hire someone to do something about it.

Cops got involved when, in the wee hours of May 30, they pulled over a 1990 Chevy pickup truck on Northlake Way in Central Kitsap. Inside the truck were three men. The driver, Delivon Ernest Rhodes, 37, was wanted on multiple arrest warrants and had six previous felony convictions. Riding bitch was Steven Ray Nielsen Jr., 20, who was carrying a concealed, loaded handgun. And in the passenger seat was Matthew Eugene Hall, 41, who was wanted for escaping from community custody, had five felony convictions under his belt, and a loaded shotgun behind his seat.

In addition to that firepower, cops found a red bag in the truck containing a loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, two-way radios, bandanas, and an improvised explosive device(!).

After the men were arrested, they told cops they'd received instructions to drive to a house in Seabeck, collect a drug debt of $5,000, and blow the place up, "preferably with [the target] inside the house," according to the release.

Antonio, the men told the cops, had masterminded the scheme and supplied them with the bandanas, radios, bomb and most of the guns and ammo. He promised to pay them for their work in drugs.

Antonio was arrested on Thursday in a motel in West Bremerton. In searching his room and car, cops found a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun under his pillow, extra ammo and "a large amount of money." He has been charged with attempt/solicitation of murder in the first degree and unlawful possession of a firearm in the first degree. He's being held on $550,000 bail.

If you're someone who favors a reasoned debate on how to deal with the fact that more than 11 million illegal immigrants live in our midst, Antonio is not the guy you want showing up in the headlines.

But if you want to build a wall and deport 'em all? Well, then Antonio's your man.

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