KeyArena, Not Good Enough to Keep Sonics in Seattle, Is Good Enough to Get Seattle U Into the WAC

In explaining the decision to invite Seattle University to join the Western Athletic Conference, WAC commissioner Karl Benson specifically cited the team's home stadium, KeyArena, as a reason he felt the school was worthy.

Three years ago, when the Seattle SuperSonics left Seattle, that same arena was cited as a reason why an NBA team was unworthy of staying in Seattle.

Seattle U got the invite after an impassioned plea by university prez Stephen Sundborg in Park City, Utah, and was quickly gobbled up and accepted. The move will see the Redhawks become the ninth team in the top-division WAC.

Here's what Benson told The Seattle Times:

"Along with KeyArena and (hiring) Cameron Dollar (as basketball coach), I think that in the last two years Seattle U. has demonstrated their commitment back to Division I," Benson said. "They are certainly a player in the Seattle college sports market, and we look forward to taking advantage of that."

So between the SU Redhawks playing Division I basketball, the Seattle Storm kicking off their WNBA season, and Bumbershoot expanding its lineup almost daily, it would seem that little ol' too-shitty-for-the-NBA KeyArena is in high demand these days.

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