John Friedlund, Colville Caretaker, Arrested for Starving 106-Year-Old Woman

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When Stevens County Sheriff Deputies showed up at John Friedlund's home in Colville recently, they were investigating reports of starving horses. What they found was a starving human.

And not just any human--the deputies say they found 106-year-old Frances Swan, one of Washington state's oldest residents.

The Spokesman-Review reports that when deputies showed up at Friedlund's property, the 76-year-old man opened the door and "a very strong, pungent odor of feces, rotting food, urine, and staleness was easily detected by all the officers outside."

The deputies already had a warrant to arrest Friedlund for starving horses. And when they brought him outside, he supposedly gave them permission to go into his house and get his medicine.

They also asked if they could check on the lady who actually owned the home.

Det.James Caruso then apparently made his way past what's described as wall-to-wall trash, dog shit, guns, and junk to a bedroom door. When the detective opened it, he says, he found a thin, "frail woman with pale skin tone" who immediately said "Please feed me."

The woman continued to beg to be fed and asked to be taken to a hospital.

Since then the woman has been treated at the hospital, returned to the home, and again pulled out by ambulance crews when they once again suspected that she'd been starved.

Friedlund now faces a felony charge of mistreatment.

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