John C. Siegel, Seattle Attorney Accused of Threatening to Kill Muni Judge, Pleads Out

Holmes, uneaten.
Seattle attorney John C. Siegel spent two months in jail defending himself against felony charges of threatening to kill Seattle Municipal Court Judge Kimi Kondo. But he proved to be no fool of a client, recently working the charges down to misdemeanors and finally springing himself from custody.

Siegel, 40, was released two weeks ago after pleading guilty to misdemeanor counts of domestic violence involving his ex-wife and for harassing Judge Kondo. In March, he told witnesses he would kill her after she raised his bail in the domestic-violence case. Prosecutors said he slugged his ex and harassed her with text messages that ranged from "I love you" to "Eat shit idot." Siegel said he didn't fear prosecution by city attorney Pete Holmes, vowing to "eat him for breakfast."

King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus gave Siegel a suspended 12-month sentence and put him on probation for two years. He also must seek mental-health and alcoholism counseling. He was ordered to pay $860 in legal fees and have no further contact with the ex-wife or the judge.

Siegel, working out of his Seattle jail cell, had requested--but was denied--access to a laptop, printer, cell phone, and private room with electrical outlets and Internet access so he could provide himself with a "meaningful defense." In a handwritten motion, the attorney/client wrote that "Siegel's conduct has been exemplary while incarcerated."

Police say his conduct was less-than-exemplary while free. Among the texts he sent to his ex were "Fuck you whore" and "You will never get another penny," according to court papers. When the ex informed Siegel she'd been in contact with Holmes' office, Siegel texted: "Peter is no match for me" and "I will eat him for breakfast and shit his bones."

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