Jennifer Kolone, Seattle Bad Girlfriend, Arrested for Scrotum Sack Attack

Jennifer Kolone 01.jpg
Jennifer Kolone
Seattle police officers had shown up for domestic-violence calls at Jennifer Kolone's house before. But never for anything involving a bloody scrotum.

Until now.


King County prosecutors contend Jennifer Marie Kolone cut her 40-year-old boyfriend's testicles in the early hours of May 24 during a fight at their North Seattle home. According to charging documents, the man received a "W"-shaped knife wound requiring several stitches, surgical glue and a "scrotal support" to close.

Apparently Kolone and her boyfriend were fighting when he says that she began throwing things at him. Eventually she turned her attention to his family jewels, allegedly grabbing his scrotum and squeezing its delicate contents.

It's unclear how the "knife wound" came about, but needless to say the attack left the boyfriend incapacitated.

He apparently thought he'd peed himself, but when he went to the bathroom found his sack had been sliced.

She's now been charged with third-degree assault.

Interestingly, Kolone's Facebook page lists The Steve Wilkos Show (a Jerry Springer spin-off) as one of her favorite shows.

Something tells us that she might be invited on the program with this story.

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