Janjira Jeffrey Smith, Alleged Jägermeister Murderer, Hauled Back to Washington After International Flight From Justice

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In October 2006, Roger Mitchell Lewis came back to his home in Kirkland from a trip to the Philippines and told his girlfriend, Janjira Jeffrey Smith, that he'd met a new woman. This greatly upset Ms. Smith. And what she did in response and what she's done for five years since then is the reason her name is back in the news today.

Prosecutors say that Smith poisoned her ex-boyfriend's favorite booze, Jägermeister, with insecticide, killing him and temporarily blinding his new girlfriend.

As the P-I reports, the alleged Jäger-bombing was only the beginning of Smith's odyssey.

Shortly after Lewis died, the King County Prosecutor's Office charged Smith with first-degree murder and first-degree assault, but by then she had fled the country for her native Thailand. Now 56, Smith was delievered [sic] Friday to King County Jail in Seattle after a three-year extradition fight.

The actual poisoning allegedly went down like something out of a movie. Smith supposedly called the new girlfriend, Thanyarat Sengpharaghanh, and told her that Lewis' favorite drink was Jägermeister and that she should make sure he drinks some before they head out for a dinner date.

Smith then sent over a specific bottle of Jäger that she was insistent they drink.

Apparently Lewis even mentioned the gift of booze to a friend, who warned him not to drink it because "it was probably poisoned."

But drink it they did. Lewis had a full shot, his new girlfriend had half a shot.

Soon Lewis was dead, Sengpharaghanh was temporarily blinded, and Smith was already on a flight out of the country.

But now she's back in King County, where she finds herself held on $5 million bail.

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