It Would Seem that No Seattle City Council Candidates Were Actually Robbed While Campaigning (Despite Reports to the Contrary)

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A very strange story surfaced this week, involving an unidentified candidate for Seattle City Council, an equally unidentified armed robber, and a tale of woe that was brought with much panic to the door of an unsuspecting Central District resident.

Central District News reported Monday that someone pounded on the door of a house near 19th Avenue and Cherry Street claiming he'd just been robbed at gunpoint.

In the incident, the man told police he was approached by two black males in their early 20s. As the suspects approached, the victim said one of the men pulled out a silver revolver and pressed it against his stomach. The duo demanded money and jewelry. The victim told police he handed over $985 in donations he had collected while campaigning, a silver Timex watch, a silver bracelet, silver ring, and a black Perry Ellis wallet with $40 in cash inside.

Seattle Weekly checked in with a handful of city council candidates (all the ones who hadn't already told CDN and PubliCola that it wasn't them who claimed to have been robbed), and they denied being accosted.

So we're left with two conclusions: Either a person is on the loose with a unique and very false moneymaking scam that involves lying about raising money for a nonexistent political campaign, or there's a real city council candidate scared shitless right now because he was robbed by scary dudes and no one believes him.

We're inclined toward theory #1.

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