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Isaiah Kalebu , accused of one of the most horrific crimes ever committed in the Seattle area, has been doing his best to turn his


Isaiah Kalebu Clown Show Continues: Asks to Testify at Murder Trial Wrapped in Dragon Robe and American Flag

hunter thompson flag01.jpg
Isaiah Kalebu, accused of one of the most horrific crimes ever committed in the Seattle area, has been doing his best to turn his trial into a full-on clown show.

No one, however, appears to be laughing.

Kalebu has already been banned from the courtroom for outbursts and sent to watch the proceedings on TV in another room. He's swallowed a pencil during a hearing. He's tried to strangle himself with a towel at another.

His latest idiocy: a demand to testify at his hearing while wearing a "dragon robe" and draped in an American flag.

He apparently says the request is so he can hide his shackles.

King County Superior Court Judge Michael Hayden wasn't having it, and at a hearing on Monday he denied Kalebu's request for ridiculous attire, reportedly telling him: "You won't be here in an American flag; you won't be here in a grand dragon either. You will be covered up in some fashion."

To be clear, Kalebu is accused of breaking into the home of Teresa Butz and her partner in South Park, stripping naked, waking up the couple with a knife in his hand, then proceeding to rape and torture the women over and over until Butz died and her partner managed to escape.

The prosecution has extensive DNA evidence and witness testimony linking Kalebu to the crime, and his lawyers have unsuccessfully tried to have him deemed unfit for trial by means of insanity.

But while the court-ordered psychologists have ruled that Kalebu is faking his psychotic symptoms, he's certainly been trying to prove them wrong with his seemingly never-ending supply of unexplainable diversions.

Even if Kalebu's tricks don't work in getting him acquitted or his sentence shortened if convicted, they may still help him later when it comes time to appeal.

The Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution affirm the right for Kalebu to be present at his trial. By removing him from the courtroom and shackling him during the trial as judge Hayden has done, Kalebu has, at the very least, guaranteed himself a line of defense to pursue if (or when) an appeal becomes necessary.

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