Idiotic Anarchists (aka Common Thugs) Strike Again, Vandalizing Home of Olympian Photojournalist Tony Overman

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Perhaps still stinging from last month's failed attempt at depriving state workers of a place to take a shit, Olympia anarchists hatched their latest plan of common thuggery and blatant hypocrisy by vandalizing the home of a local photojournalist and the headquarters of The Olympian newspaper.

The paper reports that the veteran photog was at his home editing video after 1 a.m. Thursday morning (proof he's a true overworked newsman) when he noticed his truck parked crooked in his driveway.

Walking outside, he apparently found the "tires of his truck slashed, an anarchist symbol spray-painted on his garage door, and the word 'snitch' spray-painted on his pickup. A gooey substance had been left on all the truck's windows."

Meanwhile, back at Olympian headquarters:

Olympian facilities and maintenance manager Darrell McDevitt said he arrived at work about 5:45 a.m. Thursday to find that an acidic or corrosive paint-like substance had been splashed over about 13 windows at the front of the building. The words "Overman snitch" also were spray-painted on an Olympian delivery truck and on the front wall of the building.

The reason for the attack was apparently because Overman had dared to do his job--he took photos of the anarchists while they were marching in public, seeking attention.

The Olympian has apparently denied numerous requests from law enforcement over the years to turn over Overman's photo outtakes, but the clueless anarchists think that because he took their photos (again while they were marching in public) and the newspaper published them, that Overman's a "snitch."

The incident is reminiscent of a February display of dumbassery in which a bunch of anarchists marching in Seattle spit on one of Seattle Weekly's photographers and tried to take his camera.

In both instances, the notion that these anarchists are using the same truth-suppressing, thuggish tactics that they supposedly despise seems to be lost on the fools.

Overman, who worked for years covering the war in Iraq and has twice been named regional photographer of the year by the National Press Photographers Association, has apparently had confrontations with angry anarchists before.

Overman was assaulted in April 2010 when a woman, clad in black and her face covered by a bandanna, spray-painted his face and camera lens as he attempted to take a photo of a professed anarchist at an "­anti-police brutality" march in downtown Olympia.

At any rate, the idea that a bunch of black-clad losers with spray paint can intimidate a news organization and silence the truth is laughable.

But then again, humor, like common sense and decency, is not a trait that such anarchists are known for.

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