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On Saturday night on Capitol Hill there was a incident involving some people smashing a few windows and an ATM machine during a Pride Weekend


"Homo Hoards" Use "Rainbow Flag Weapons" to Battle "Fascist Prudes" (According to Anarchists)

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On Saturday night on Capitol Hill there was a incident involving some people smashing a few windows and an ATM machine during a Pride Weekend celebration.

Depending on whose report you believe, what happened was the result of a "flash mob" that hijacked a gay-pride event, or a rebellion of the "homo hoards" (sic: We think they mean "hordes") against the threat of same-sex marriage.

Wait, what?

The P-I reports that the incident began a little after midnight, when a moving dance party/march that was heading down 12th Avenue suddenly began to be infiltrated by people smashing things and running amok.

The anarchists marched down 12th Avenue and Broadway, yelling and chanting. Some carried rainbow flags, while others carried red-and-black flags and wore masks.

Eventually some people started smashing store windows, damaging property, spray-painting slogans and bashing in the windshield of a patrol car.

During the melee, a bank ATM also was damaged. Windows were smashed and spray-painted at an American Apparel store and at a luxury car dealership.

Officers swooped in, arming themselves with gas masks and riot gear. At least one person was arrested, Witt said. Witnesses said police used a Taser on one woman.

After a while, the mob dispersed as quickly as it appeared.,

Capitol Hill Seattle provides more details and less sensationalism than the P-I, but basically echoes the reporting that a few seemingly uninvited anarchists co-opted the march and started breaking stuff.

Now skip over to the account of events from, and the recollection suddenly gets a lot more colorful.

The party quickly breached the confines of what's tame and legal during Pride weekend when somebody smashed the window of a Ferrari dealership near the meeting point. Then the homo hoards charged down Pike, the windows of two cop cars left shattered in their wake. Rainbow flags became weapons as the queers raged on down Broadway, the cops sniffing along after like rabid dogs on the prowl. But these fascist prudes were too slow to protect a Bank of America ATM and American Apparel from this hot mob of style vandals.

Homo hordes armed with rainbow flag weapons intent on becoming style vandals! Terrifying! But why would these militant gays be unleashed?

After the passage of a law legalizing same-sex marriage in New York and a weekend jam-packed with gay parties in Seattle, homosexuals had cause for celebration, no?

It would appear that these "queer hooligans" are deeply opposed to marriage equality because they're "not interested in buying into State-sanctioned monogamy."

So they seemingly felt the need to speak out for other gay people by using bricks, bats, and other implements of destruction.

From the same post on

We're all being told that marriage equality and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell is progress, and that the LGBT community is moving towards equality. But is it really progress? And is equality really what we need?

Some of us queers say no. We're not interested in buying into State-sanctioned monogamy. This is nothing less than assimilation into straight society, the same society that enacts violence against queer people every day. This is sold to us as equality, but what does that mean? It means becoming acceptably heteronormative, begging for tolerance from the same people who have criminalized, marginalized, and murdered us throughout history.

Seattle anarchists: Breaking shit and playing loose with facts since who the fuck cares when.

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