Gov. Gregoire Signs Bill to Increase College Tuition by Double Digits, Called the "Higher Education Opportunity Act"

Good news, college hopefuls! Washington Governor Chris Gregoire just signed a bill that will create new opportunities for higher education. In fact, the bill she signed is called the Higher Education Opportunity Act!

For example, students will now have the "opportunity" to pay 16 percent more for tuition than they used to.

Actually it's less of an "opportunity" than a "mandate," but "opportunity" sounds more fun.

Other potential names for Olympia legislation include: The "Free Health Care for All Act," which makes people "free" to mortgage their houses in order to pay for surgery; the "Path to Citizenship Act," in which illegal immigrants will be shown the "path" back to their home countries; and the "Economic Recovery Act," in which big banks and oil companies will be given tax breaks that allow them to "recover" the profits they missed out on due to everyone being poor.

Hat tip to AP writer Manuel Valdes for pointing out the nom de ridiculous on Twitter.

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