Fun With Alphabet Floor Mats: A Contest of Sorts

UPDATE: Due to credible information that a number of people are still working on their haiku-like poems, we are extending this contest until a week from today.

Do you like puzzles? Word games? Combinations thereof? Over the weekend, as we stared at our young boy's foam alphabet mat on our living-room floor, the gibberish it spelled out started to annoy us. There must be a better way, we thought. And there was! (And if you bear with us, we'll tell you how you can win a marginally fabulous prize of some sort!)

Our foam floor-mat set has 28 tiles. Each letter of the alphabet is represented once, along with a star and a moon. So here's the game: Using those 28 units, build a four-by-four square that spells out something awesome, something with meaning. Like:

Also, the moon and the star can be used as spaces, as in this example:

It's not so easy, because each letter can only be used once. Vowels are at a premium. Here's one more, just to give you the idea:

So that's it. Show us what you've got in the comments. We'll pick a winner in a week's time. That winner will have her haiku-like foam poem displayed in full floor-mat glory on this very web-publishing platform. In addition, there will be an as-yet-undetermined prize, which we promise won't totally suck. We're not Oprah, so it won't be a new car or anything, but we'll make it worth your trouble.

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