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David Hedrick, a Camas, Wash., man who first made news by telling Congressman Brian Baird to " stay away from my kids " at a


David Hedrick, Ex-Tea Party Congressional Candidate, to Sue Clark County Over Domestic-Violence Arrest

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David Hedrick, a Camas, Wash., man who first made news by telling Congressman Brian Baird to "stay away from my kids" at a health-care reform town hall meeting, is back in the news today--this time for threatening to sue Clark County for false arrest.

The case stems from an October 2010 arrest in which Hedrick was jailed for domestic violence for supposedly beating his wife.

Hedrick was prosecuted, but eventually acquitted of all charges.

He tells Seattle Weekly that he was only arrested because "I was male and they said they had to arrest someone."

"They showed up at my house and all the evidence indicted that I was a victim of domestic violence. I was told that I was being arrested because only men are arrested for domestic violence. The officer [Clark County Deputy Jesse Henschel] said his policy is to always take the larger person."

We put in calls to Clark County Sheriff's Spokesman Scott Schanaker and Dep. Henschel seeking comment, but they weren't immediately available.

UPDATE: Schanaker tells us, first off, that because of the lawsuit filed against the sheriff's office, he can't comment specifically on Hedrick's claim.

Schanaker did say, however, that in general "There is no policy remotely related to arresting males versus females in domestic-violence cases."

Hedrick claims that while his arrest was sexist, his eventual prosecution was political. He says that his reputation as an angry Tea Partier made the county want him silenced. At the time of the arrest, he was was trying to win the Congressional seat to succeed Rep. Brian Baird--a task he obviously failed at.

Hedrick certainly has succeeded in becoming a viral Tea Party hit with his yelling-at-politicians video. He's also the author of The Liberal Clause, a children's book in which Preisdent Obama is depicted as an evil communist Santa Claus who ruins Christmas with folks like Chairman Mao.

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So yeah, he's got that going for him.

It should also be noted that Hedrick is still involved in politics, and all signs point to him running for office again in 2012, giving him a good reason to stay in the news--be it by shouting at politicians or by filing tort claims (isn't the Tea Party in favor of tort reform?) against Clark County.

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