Dale O'Callaghan, Eugene Crackpot, Accused of Shooting Co-Worker for Teasing Him About Rapture Day Beliefs

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Even before May 21 came and went, making fun of the poor saps who believed in Harold Camping's "Rapture Day" prophecies had become a kind of new national pastime. Who doesn't love to tease people who latch on to an already discredited Christian zealot and his doomsday math equations?

Dale O'Callaghan. That's who. And if the mother of the person he allegedly shot is right, then making fun of Mr. O'Callaghan for his Rapture Day beliefs was a very bad idea.

O'Callaghan was arrested Friday in Eugene, Ore., after supposedly shooting 33-year-old Jerry Andrews with a .357 handgun at their work LHM Hydraulics.

Andrews is expected to recover.

According to charging documents provided to Seattle Weekly by the Lane County District Attorney's Office, a witness said that just before O'Callaghan shot Andrews, he said "You're one of those Satanic motherfuckers."

After the shooting, O'Callaghan supposedly waited at his workplace until police arrived. There they found a "pool of blood" and the victim with "blood pouring down his arm." O'Callaghan was arrested and charged with first-degree assault.

No reference to Harold Camping's Rapture Day drivel is referenced in those documents.

Andrews' mother, Robin O'Brien, however, told The Eugene Register-Guard that doomsday teasing was indeed the root of O'Callaghan's anger.

O'Callaghan "expected to be taken up in the Rapture, and it didn't happen," O'Brien said. "He'd been getting some ribbing from the guys in the shop, and I guess he simmered over that."

Turns out also that Mr. O'Callaghan is not just any run-of-the-mill employee at LHM Hydraulics--he's the owner's son.

Employees at LHM had apparently been told to hang up on any reporters who call, and they refused comment.

The good news for O'Callaghan is that if Camping's new Rapture date--Oct. 21--turns out to be true, then all this bother with the shooting-people thing won't really matter.

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