Atheist Airplanes to Take Flight This Fourth of July (In States That Allow Such Things)

The group American Atheists has a suggestion for people who are looking for life's answers this Fourth of July: Look to the sky!

Because flying overhead in Seattle and 25 other locations around the country will be airplanes trailing banners that read "God-LESS America" and "Atheism is Patriotic."

The group had tried to get planes to fly in all 50 states, but only a bare majority of U.S. states agreed to pollute their skies with messages of blasphemous science and reason.

Blair Scott, the group's communications director, tells Seattle Weekly that in larger cities and more liberal areas, he had no trouble finding pilots to take the banners to the sky. But in Southern states like Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas and other conservative states like Montana, Kansas, and Utah, there apparently wasn't a single pilot to be found who would fly a banner promoting atheism.

"A lot of businesses just flat-out refused us," says Scott. "But the atheist community thrives in the Northwest. You guys are like the beacon of open-mindedness for the country. The point of this is to remind people that atheists are Americans. They're patriotic. They support their country. And they deserve a voice."

In Seattle the no-God plane will fly over Gas Works Park from 5 to 6 p.m.

Pray you get to see it.

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