Why You Shouldn't Steal Tip Jars (And Why You Especially Shouldn't Run Into the Street in Front of a Bus)

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You shouldn't steal tip jars, period. It's a dick move, and one that will likely only net you $10 to $20. But if you're determined to be that guy, you really should look both ways before you run into the street with the stolen prize.

Otherwise you could help make a headline like this:

donation theif01.jpg

Apparently the guy walked into an undisclosed downtown business and took off with the tip jar. And despite no one chasing him, he supposedly ran right in front of a bus.

The man was hit, and though he's still alive, he's in critical condition.

We wish him a full recovery, because no one deserves to be hit by a bus, even tip-jar thieves.

But still. Don't steal stuff, kids. And furthermore, watch out for friggin' buses.

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