Washington Is Only 85 Miles From America's Foulest and Most Festering Pool of Hate

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That festering pool being Montana, of course--the land of big skies, open spaces, and endless seas of angry white people.

Citing information from the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Florida writes in The Atlantic about how home-grown hate groups are booming in the United States, and about the science that goes into tracking them.

Hate groups are most highly concentrated in the old South and the northern Plains states. Two states have by far the largest concentration of hate groups -- Montana with 13.8 groups per million people, and Mississippi with 13.7 per million. Arkansas (10.3), Wyoming (9.7), and Idaho (8.9) come in a distant third, fourth, and fifth.

There's even a color-coded map.


Perhaps even more interesting than our xenophobic neighbor to the east is how hate groups are aligned politically.

Essentially just about every racist in the country who voted in 2008 apparently did so for John McCain.

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Several other common denominators among hate groups are explained, including economic class, education, and religion.

All of it is interesting, much of it disturbing. But one thing seems certain: Racist hatred is alive and well in America, but thankfully it's most present in states that few people like anyway.

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