Travis Hood, Aspiring Cowboy, Shoots Mobster Michael Corleone, Goes to Jail

OK, I'll admit that Travis Hood didn't actually shoot Michael "Don" Corleone. Michael Corleone isn't a real person and Al Pacino, who played him in The Godfather series, hasn't been to the Portland area anytime recently. But Travis Hood did shoot the likeness of the Don, which, frankly, is the reason he only went to jail and isn't swimming with the fishes.

KGW reports that Hood, a 27-year-old Hillsboro resident, was allegedly practicing a "quick-draw" move with his .357 magnum--just him and a life-sized poster of Corleone in his apartment--when the cannon of a gun went off.

And while Hood's certainly not the first person to have a pretend showdown with a movie poster, most people don't use a real gun and most don't actually shoot it.

travis hood01.jpg
I know it was you, Travis. You broke my heart!
But shoot it he did, police say.

The bullet went through the Don's shoulder, through the wall, and through Hood's brother's 40-inch flat-screen TV in the next room.

Hood was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal mischief and unlawful use of a weapon.

Fortunately for everyone, I'm being told that the television may have been screening Godfather III at the time it was shot.

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