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The " Recall Mayor Mike McGinn " Facebook page is up to 664 members as of Thursday night. Not that any mayor in history has


Top 5 Posts on the 'Recall Mayor Mike McGinn' Facebook Page

recall mcginn01.jpg
The "Recall Mayor Mike McGinn" Facebook page is up to 664 members as of Thursday night. Not that any mayor in history has ever been recalled via Facebook, and not that the group could even recall McGinn if they wanted to, since Washington law requires that an elected mayor commit "malfeasance" in order to be recalled. But considering that all but a handful of the group's members have been added in the last two days alone, the page is certainly worth noting.

And like any group that advocates getting rid of a public official, the members of the Recall McGinn page have some colorful descriptions for our mayor, those that support him, and even themselves. Here's the cream of the crop.


Greg Green

. . . Mr. Mayor, try buying your suits somewhere other than off the rack at Sears. I'd wager the Mayor of Darrington dresses better than you before slopping his pigs...

Sears does have some amazing deals on men's wear . . .


Cynthia Whitlatch

The RCW for a recall states that you have to show malfeasance to be successful getting a recall election. Basically, he has to commit a crime like DUI or prostitution, etc.

Urban Soule Lets take him out for some drinks and a joy ride then!

Can one joyride a Schwinn?


Vicki Hurley

Good morning, everyone! This truly is a diverse group. I, for example, am a shepherdess.

I, for example, didn't know there were shepherdesses in Seattle.


Timothy Mulholland Ross

I wonder what The Stranger will think about this...after all... they are fairly responsible for the outcome of the election.....they really boosted McGinn's candidacy......

And they've kept it afloat every day since.


Ethan J Borsak

I hope I'm being paid 95 grand to be an advocate to this group.

You have to crony around for a lot longer a few days that to make that kind of dough.

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