These Five Seattle Sounders Probably Make Less Money Than You

Sounders midfielder Servando Carrasco will make $32,604 this year.
The average per capita income in Washington state was $41,751 in 2009. Depending on what you do for a living, that might seem like a lot (holla if you're a journalist!) or a little (scoff if you're a banker!). But wherever you fall on the pay scale, it's probably not a stretch to imagine that the average Washingtonian would consider professional MLS soccer players as being far richer than they are.

In at least five cases, however, those folks stand a good chance of being wrong.

The Major League Soccer Players Union publicized the salaries of every MLS player on Saturday (David Beckham indeed tops the list at $6.5 million), and there are plenty of players who make about the same salary as an assistant manager at Burger King.

Five Seattle Sounders--rookies all--make $32,604 per year in guaranteed compensation. Those players are Servando Carrasco, David Estrada, Joshua Ford, Miguel Montano, and Lamar Neagle.

Sounders spokesman Frank MacDonald tells Seattle Weekly that the lower-paid players will often augment their income with coaching gigs, an appearance fee here and there, and perhaps a soccer camp that they help run--but as rookies those opportunities are few and far between. He also says that some players are known to share rooms in an effort to save money.

At any rate, given that every other major professional sport tends to throw money at players with reckless abandon, often whether they perform well or not (see: Bradley, Milton), it somehow seems refreshing to see pro athletes playing their sport for little more than the love of the game.

Here's the complete list of Sounders salaries.

Alonso Osvaldo M -- $140,000

Boss Terry GK -- $44,500

Carrasco Servando M -- $32,604

Estrada David F -- $32,604

Evans Brad F --$140,250

Fernandez Alvaro M -- $366,666.67

Ford Joshua GK --$32,604

Friberg Erik M -- $110,000

Fucito Michael MF -- $42,000

Gonzalez Leonardo D -- $110,000

Graham Taylor D -- $60,638

Hurtado John Kennedy D -- $136,000

Ianni Patrick D -- $85,050

Jaqua Nate F -- $211,000

Keller Kasey GK -- $250,000

Levesque Roger F -- $44,000

Montano Miguel F -- $32,604

Montero Fredy F -- $636,000

Neagle Lamar M -- $32,604

Noonan Pat F -- $96,000

Parke Jeff D -- $136,500

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