There Are 329 Useless Federal Properties in Washington State--Wanna Buy One?

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There are apparently some 14,000 federally owned properties in the United States that are currently doing nothing but collecting dust and tax dollars. Of those 14,000 properties, 329 are in Washington state. You can buy one or all (preferably all) of them right now.

The Obama administration today published an interactive map of "Federal Excess Properties" that lists all the useless shacks, office buildings, headquarters, and dungeons owned by Uncle Sam and needing to be gotten rid of.

The president says that selling them off could save taxpayers $14 billion.

Here's a small sample of what's available here in Washington.

A few examples of Evergreen State properties include a Pinnacles National Monument family housing building in Seattle, a National Park Service warehouse near Lake Roosevelt, and a Forest Service communications building in Mount Baker.

No asking prices are detailed on the listings, but one can imagine that with the real-estate market's current condition, one could be the proud owner of a mothballed military barracks in Port Angeles for little more than a song.

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