Teenage Girl Shoots Dad with Hunting Bow for Taking Away Her Cell Phone

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Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. And a woman's scorn hath no fury like a teenager's rage. Neither, however, hath the kind of fury of a teenage girl with no cell phone and a compound hunting bow.

The AP reports that a 45-year-old father living in unincorporated Mason County near Tee Lake, Wash. grounded his 15-year-old daughter and took away her cell phone last night. The teen supposedly responded by fetching her dad's hunting bow, nocking an arrow in it and then firing it into his torso.

Then, while her dad lay bleeding and helpless on the floor, he begged her to let him use his own phone to call for help.

Police say the daughter refused that request.

Eventually the dad was able to crawl out of a window and go to a neighbor's house where he called emergency services. He was soon airlifted to Harborview where he is alive, but listed in serious condition.

The girl, meanwhile, took the bow and fled into the forest where she was found by Mason County Sheriff Deputies shortly afterward.

The girl was described by deputies as being "despondent with a serious medical issue."

She was taken to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital where she will likely be released in a few days.

That will be just in time to answer juvenile charges of first-degree assault.

She's unlikely to be getting her cell phone back any time soon.

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