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On Saturday, January 8, 2011, Venoy Overton was the starting point guard for the University of Washington basketball team. That


Venoy Overton Rape Allegation Was Result of "Orgy Party," Seattle Police Report Says

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On Saturday, January 8, 2011, Venoy Overton was the starting point guard for the University of Washington basketball team. That afternoon, he played 29 minutes, scored eight points, and dished out seven assists in a lopsided 103-72 home victory for the Huskies over Oregon State. Two days later, on January 10, KIRO broadcast the news that a "prominent UW athlete"--later revealed to be Overton--was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl he'd met on Facebook.

KIRO's story, based on interviews with the girl's family and a police report narrative filed the morning after the sexual assault allegedly occurred, suggested that the teenager was lured to an apartment, plied with alcohol, and forced to have sex with the 23-year-old Overton even though she "told him repeatedly to stop and that she just wanted to meet an athlete she admired." But according to an exhaustive 227-page Seattle Police report obtained by Seattle Weekly, the girl was a willing participant right up until the messy ending.

After the allegations surfaced, Overton was demoted from the basketball team's starting lineup. A month later, King County prosecutors declined to press sexual-assault charges in the case. Overton was eventually charged by the Seattle City Attorney with furnishing alcohol to a minor, a misdemeanor, and on March 31 a judge granted him a "dispositional continuance," allowing the charge to be dropped if Overton performs community service and is not charged with another crime in the next year.

The lack of punishment for the former UW star renewed speculation in some corners that Husky athletes live above the law, just as they did during the so-called "Victory in Ruins" era that coincided with the football team's most recent Rose Bowl appearance in 2001. Owing to the juicy scoop, the version of events in KIRO's report became the dominant narrative, with subsequent stories--including several on Daily Weekly--assuming the worst about a situation that involved drinking, a college athlete, and an anonymous teenage girl from the Bellevue area.

But the report obtained by Seattle Weekly recounts in explicit detail a wild sexual encounter with multiple partners in which the supposed victim was apparently a willing participant. The partially redacted document contains text messages exchanged between Overton and his 16-year-old accuser after the incident, as well as transcriptions of recorded police interviews with Overton, the teen, her friend, and an unidentified UW football player who was in the room with Overton and the girl when the alleged rape occurred.

The incident took place on the evening of January 8, after the Huskies' rout of Oregon State. The two girls explained to police that they told their parents they were going to the movies in Bellevue but instead took the bus to Westlake Center. Overton's accuser--whose name is redacted throughout the report--said that she had recently added the UW senior as a friend on Facebook and struck up a conversation with him via the website's chat application.

"We just started talking and then we just exchanged numbers," she said, noting that the online relationship had only been active for a week or so. "I had a feeling that he was one of those guys that would, ya know, just get at me for, ya know, sexually, but I wasn't tryin' to go there. I was just tryin' to be friends and so this weekend I was gonna hang out to see like what kind of guy he was."

The girls went shopping at Westlake, and eventually struck up a conversation with three men on leave from the Navy in the mall food court. The accuser's companion, whose name is also redacted in the report, bluntly described to police the outfit her friend was wearing.

"She was kinda dressed like a ho," the girl's friend said. "She [was] wearing like black pants, like these tight black skinny jeans and then like this tank top where it's like down here. Like, you could see like everything on that girl."

Overton, meanwhile, had left the UW campus and was attending the Seattle University basketball game at Seattle Center with two male friends. He says he was reluctant to meet up, but relented after the girl and her friend pestered him with phone calls and text messages.

"I kinda was brushin' her off cause I didn't really, I didn't want to hang out but she just kept calling me," Overton told police. "Her and her friend was gonna catch the bus and then meet us at the McDonald's across the street from the Key Arena."

The girls said the three sailors escorted them to the Space Needle, then they parted ways and rendezvoused with Overton and his two friends at the fast-food joint. Overton recalled that the girls were drinking Tilt, a caffeinated alcoholic beverage, out of a coffee mug inside the restaurant. He claims he was unaware of the girls' age, and that his eventual accuser "said she'll be 18 in [a] month." He said he asked the girls in no uncertain terms if they wanted to go back to his sister's apartment to have sex.

"I just kept it, kept it real like blunt like 'OK, if you come with us like what you guys want to do?'" Overton told police. "I was [like] 'OK how about a orgy party?' And then she like, 'Yeah where at?' And I was like 'Are you serious?'"

The accuser's friend confirmed Overton's version of the McDonald's conversation, but the accuser herself remembered things slightly differently.

"We're eating and then we're asking 'What are we gonna do?'" the teenage accuser told police. "Then he suggested we have, what'd he say and how did he say it? He's like, and um, I think it was like an oral party or an orgasm party. And I was like 'What? Like, are you serious?' And then my friend was like 'Oh yeah I'm down.' And I was like 'Dude no, like I don't want to do that.' So then we ended up leaving with him and then we went to his sister's house."The party of five piled into Overton's car and headed to the apartment on East Fir Street in the Central District. They stopped at a liquor store along the way, where Overton bought a bottle of apple-flavored Smirnoff vodka. Overton's sister wasn't home, but he told police that he has a key to the residence and permission to come and go as he pleases. The group hung out for a while, and Overton confessed to the detective interviewing him that he and his buddies smoked "half a blunt" of Spice synthetic marijuana. The girls said they did not partake in the drugs, but took a few shots of vodka.

Eventually the two girls went upstairs together to use the bathroom. Overton and his two friends followed and went into a bedroom adjacent to the bathroom. The girls told police they then went into the bedroom and struck up a conversation about a poster of the UW basketball team that was hanging on the wall. That's when Overton says the girl initiated the sexual encounter.

"I'm just playing it off tryin' to [get] . . . the conversation off of the basketball ya know," Overton told police. "So finally uh [redacted] sees, like she sees me and then on the poster and she just like, like oh she just grabs me and [is] like 'Come on I'll just, come on I wanna give you head.' Basically she just grabbed me and pulled me to the bed.'"

The accuser's friend tells a similar tale. She said that her and her companion consensually--and simultaneously--began performing fellatio on Overton while his friends stood by and watched. The accuser's friend told police the ménage á trois continued until her friend abruptly pulled Overton's penis away from her mouth and whispered in her ear, "'No, he's mine.'"

The accuser, however, claimed that she felt pressured into giving Overton a blow job only after her friend initiated the act. From her statement to SPD detective Kyle Kizzier:

"I seen her giving him head and then I was like, I was like looking to see if it's like, if I was seeing like what I thought I was seeing . . . and then I like kinda like push her away and I was like 'Dude what are you doing, like why are you doing this.' And then, and then I remember um him, Venoy being in front of me . . .

. . . And I don't know, like I felt like I didn't know what to do if I'd got, if I like didn't do it ya know like I don't know like what they were gonna do if I didn't like do what they wanted me to do. So that's when um I started giving, ya know, him head. And then um [sigh] and then oh what happened, we were doing that and then I just know that we were doing it for a while and I had like took [it] out of my mouth and I was like 'Now what, what am I doing I can't be doing this.' He's like, he was just like encouraging it ya know, like he didn't care."

The girl's friend says she and the two other men then left the room to give Overton and her friend some privacy. Overton and the girl, however, were alone together for just a few minutes. Another of Overton's friends soon arrived at the apartment. The SPD report states that this individual plays for the University of Washington football team, but his name is redacted from the report. While his identity remains a mystery, what's certain is that the new man at the party eventually made his way up to the bedroom and joined Overton and the young lady in bed.From the report:

Kizzier: You went up [to the bedroom] the first time and you saw her giving Venoy oral sex and then you left and then Venoy and the girl came back down and the girl invited you to come back up with them, is that right?

[Redacted]: Yes . . . she said to me, she says 'I want you to come in the room too . . . I want both,' she said, 'I want both you guys.' . . . She grabbed me by there, my crotch area, by my pants [and] pulled me down.

The girl, however, maintains that Overton offered her up to his buddy without her permission. "He was telling his friends . . . that I would like do stuff with them," she said. "And I was like 'No, no, no. I won't.' Plus like if I already did something to Venoy, why would I do it to his friends, ya know?"

Overton's friend, however, adamantly states that the sex was consensual. "The word 'Stop' never came out of her mouth, sir," he told the detective.

Overton himself described how the girl willingly but unsuccessfully attempted to take on both guys at the same time. From the report:

Overton: [redacted] said something like 'Uh I want to see, I wonder if you can have two dicks in your mouth at the same time.' She's like, 'Let me see.' So she grabs his penis and like [tries] to put both our dicks in her mouth at the same time . . . but she couldn't do it.

Kizzier: Well she's got those braces.

Overton: I don't know if she scratched him or something but . . . yeah so he backs out, everyone starts laughing.

The girl, meanwhile, told police that the men tried to get her to take her pants off. She rebuffed their request, she said, but continued to perform oral sex on the pair. Overton said he put his hands down her pants and penetrated her with his fingers. When Overton encouraged his friend to do the same, the newcomer made a comment that quickly turned the mood sour. From Overton's statement in the report:

"I was like [redacted] you finger-bang her and then he, he was like 'Na it kinda stinks' . . . he said that right in front of her and she was like . . . she like kinda just sat up, she sat up she like, 'OK I'm done with that.' So I was like, and she was like 'OK' and I was about to just walk out the room [but] she was like 'I want you, I want you to jack off though,' she's like 'Jack off, like I'm done giving you head but I want you to jack off.' "

Overton's friend told police he left the room at that point, but overheard the girl not only asking Overton to finish up in front her, but also on her. A graphic portion of Overton's statement to the detective is summed up dryly in the Case Investigation Report with the line, "Overton claimed that [redacted] invited him to ejaculate on her chest--which he did." The detective adds that "the medical record notes there was a white stain on the victim's top."Overton says he headed to the bathroom to find a towel for the girl, but when he returned she had already left the bedroom.

"I didn't want to be there," the girl told police. "And I was, like, I know I shouldn't have done this cause, um, I didn't want to do it ya know and I just felt like, I don't know, I just felt like I didn't, ya know, know what else to do if I didn't do it."

The accuser's friend recalls how her companion was in a rush to leave when she came downstairs. "She's like 'They're gonna make me do something I don't want to do, like, uh, call someone to come pick us up,'" the girl recalled.

"She probably felt threatened or overwhelmed or something," the accuser's friend added later. "And I was like, 'If you're not, if you weren't ready like [to] hang out with guys, then why would you come here?' Like, what I don't understand, what did she [think] was gonna happen? Like we, we could, uh, just went there and hung out and stuff, we didn't have to do anything."

The accuser left the apartment alone in tears. At that point, the girl's friend revealed her true age to Overton and his friends. (Overton was not charged with statutory rape because the age of consent in Washington is 16.) Text messages exchanged between Overton and his accuser reveal that both parties were resentful of the situation:

From Overton at 10:03 p.m.: "Ok so ur bout to make it like a raped u and that's not coo. U lied to me."

From the Accuser at 10:03 p.m.: "Don't matter. Yu did some to me I didn't wanna do."

From Overton 10:04 p.m.: "And what was that. U grabbed my dick from ur friend are you serious"

The girl eventually phoned her family, and her father** mother and uncle came and picked her up. In the father's mother's written statement to police, she said, "She told me she was bleeding from her vagina. She said, 'He fingered me really hard.' She told me that the person that did this to her was 'Vinoy [sic] Overton, the Huskey [sic] basketball player.'"

The girl's relatives checked her into Harborview Medical Center, and Seattle police were notified of the alleged sexual assault. That morning, the girl's mother requested and received a copy of the initial police narrative. Two days later, the Case Investigation Report notes, KIRO 7 published their story and released a redacted version of the same report that was provided to the victim's family.

"[KIRO newscaster] Amy Clancy . . . said the victim's uncle contacted them the night of the incident while [redacted] was in Harborview," the Investigation Report states. "She said it was her impression that the Uncle was calling all the news outlets."

The documents obtained by SW indicate that the University of Washington Athletic Department first heard about Overton's alleged misconduct on the evening news.

Additionally, a University of Washington Police Report included in the Weekly's documents says the school contacted SPD with concerns about Overton's safety. The victim's father allegedly made statements such as "Athletes live above the law," "Something needs to happen," and "I had people at his [Overton's] house with guns the day I found out it happened." Overton also said that the girl's uncle "kept calling me, ya know, callin' me nigger, the N words, and telling me, ya know, that I forced myself on her and stuff like that."

Overton told detectives that the sex was entirely consensual, and that she "never said nothing like 'I want to stop' or . . . 'why am I doing this.'"

The accuser's girlfriend recalled that after that night her friend stopped returning her phone calls and Facebook messages, effectively ending their relationship. She told detectives that, in her opinion, Overton's accuser was a willing, if not eager, participant in that night's action.

"I just think she's a liar," the accuser's friend told a detective three days after the incident. "She should know the consequences. Like, she's ruining a guy's life if he didn't really do this."

As for the accuser herself, when the detective asked her what she wanted to happen with the investigation--whether Overton should go to prison and be required to register as a sex offender--she replied:

"I would like him to learn his lesson--kind of just, like, I mean--I don't want to sound rude but, like, maybe be locked up for, I mean, I don't know, like, locked, um, I'm not sure but I just think he needs to, like, learn his lesson or whatever cause he didn't seem to care and I think he really needs to, like, ya know, not take advantage of girls like that."

Overton did not return a message inquiring about the contents of the SPD report.

Here is the report obtained by Seattle Weekly in its entirety*: Venoy Overton SPD Report*Police withheld 17 pages of the report because they contain medical records from the alleged victim and a memo from the King County Prosecutor's office to Seattle Police that is "essential to effective law enforcement." Some quotations from the document included in this post have been edited or condensed for grammar and clarity.

**This paragraph was updated on Wednesday, May 11 at 11:36 a.m. The initial post erroneously reported that it was the accuser's father and uncle who picked her up on the night of the incident. It was actually the accuser's mother and uncle who picked her up, and the accuser's mother who gave a written statement to Seattle police. See page 144 of the police report for further clarification.

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