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The three Seattle police officers disciplined for telling two suspected gang members during a traffic stop last year that they would "skull-fuck you


Seattle Police Aren't the Only Cops With Potty-Mouths

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The three Seattle police officers disciplined for telling two suspected gang members during a traffic stop last year that they would "skull-fuck you and drag you down the street" and "break your fucking neck" objected to their weeks-long suspensions on the grounds that they used the uncouth language as a way to "de-escalate the situation." Other officers have stated publicly that the suspensions are too harsh, and tantamount to "time off for swearing." But not surprisingly, the SPD officers aren't the first cops to be given an extended vacation for uttering a few cuss words in the line of duty. How does other cops' use of profanity compare to that of Seattle's finest?

From an incident in 2002 in Bradenton Beach, Florida, for which Officer Thomas Ferrara was suspended one day:

Eugene Trincher, 16, says that during a traffic stop on July 1, Ferrara called him a "foreign piece of s---," and said he would "call the Russian embassy to get (his) f------ ass deported."

Ferrara pulled Trincher over after a lifeguard reported that the boy was driving recklessly on the beach.

"Everybody was there when (Ferrara) said 'if (you) eyeball me one more time, I will beat the s--- out of you until you are puking blood'," Trincher said.

In 2004 in Austin, Texas:

Three Austin police officers have been suspended for telling dirty jokes and making sexual comments in front of a female co-worker and must attend any training or counseling a department psychologist recommends.

Two of the officers also viewed Internet pornography that included nude photos of actresses such as Pamela Anderson and a naked obese woman, according to their attorney and disciplinary memos obtained Wednesday.

"It was basically a situation where there was a locker room-type atmosphere," lawyer Jamie Balagia said.

Police Chief Stan Knee suspended officer William Monte for 42 days, officer Jesse Sanchez for 30 days and officer Duane Williams for 18 days. The unpaid suspensions began July 9.

And last year in Gainesville, Florida:

An Alachua County detention officer has been suspended without pay for five days as part of his discipline for a profanity-laced tirade inside a Gainesville restaurant that was recorded in a 911 call . . .

. . . According to the internal investigation released Tuesday morning, Jon Huckstep walked through the unlocked lobby doors into the Burger King at 6123 W. Newberry Road at about 2:15 a.m. on Dec. 5, 2009. A Burger King employee, Antonio Latrelle Williams, told Huckstep that the lobby was closed but Huckstep ignored Williams and continued walking to the men's restroom at the back of the restaurant.

During the incident, Williams dialed 911 to complain about Huckstep. During the recorded call, investigators said they could hear Huckstep in the background angrily shouting obscenities. During the recording, investigators said Huckstep could also be heard making statements apparently directed toward Williams such as "You're going to jail."

And another dust-up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee:

Supervisors recommended Murfreesboro Police's highest-ranking black police officer be suspended without pay for 10 days and placed on probation one year for making racial slurs for the second time in 16 months.

Capt. Carl Watkins was taped making the racial slurs and cursing in uniform while getting his hair cut at New Reflections Barber and Hair Styling Shop July 24 at 331 E. State St. He supervises the traffic and special services divisions at the police department.

On July 24, David and fellow barber Mitchell Broyles concealed a camcorder inside a box just moments before Watkins entered to get his hair cut. Watkins was in uniform. David left the shop.

During the 39-minute and 24-second taped conversation, Watkins apparently referred to David as a "red n---a" because of his complexion and accused him of being the "worst dope seller 'cause he talk too much."In his statement, Watkins stated he probably did call David a "red n---a" to fit the barbershop atmosphere and to get more information from Broyles, who also used the term.

The three Seattle officers were suspended for 20 and 15 days, respectively, for their unbecoming conduct. Compare that to one day for the Florida "beat the s--- out of you until you are puking blood" comment, and it does seem a bit harsh. Then again, the Bradenton cops probably weren't under federal review at the time.

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