An interesting article has been showing up on IndyMedia sites around the country lately. It's essentially a plea for people to turn in their radical--possibly


Seattle Anarchists Ask That You Not Rat Them Out to the Feds--No Matter What You Read on IndyMedia

An interesting article has been showing up on IndyMedia sites around the country lately. It's essentially a plea for people to turn in their radical--possibly criminal--friends to the feds so they can collect the mediocre rewards for doing so--"$2,000 for each."

The local anarchists on and in the group Olympia Rising Tide are not amused. They'd like you to refrain from turning in radicals, and are prepared to make a generous counter-offer of--well, nothing, for doing so.

The spelling-error-ridden article--this one from Milwaukee's IndyMedia site--is all about pragmatism.

You read indymedia, chances are you know some protesters who are wanted by the police and the FBI.

The good news is that now you can recieve [sic] a big cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction

of crimanals [sic]. It's easy just a quick call. and if you know more that one person you can get multiple REWARDS up to $2000 for each . for information leading to the arrest of known criminals and subversive group activity.

It also lists the names of people that, if you turn them in, could lead to that handsome reward:

Sudhama Ranganathan

Rich Gardner

Tim Ortley

Cllr Gino Kenny

Ross Wolf


Brian Dolinar

Wendy Snyder

Brent Adams

Ofelia Rivas

Robert Norse

Petros Evdokas

Wes Modes

Robinson Block

Amy L. Dalton

Eric Xodik

Steven Argue

Shawn Man

John Thielking

Nathan Pitts

Larry Duncan

Ali Winston, AKA "The Informant"

Craig Rosebraugh

Abby Zimet

Mark Fuller ........APPREHENDED

Chris Geovanis

Heiner Ganssmann

Rachel Hiskes

William Wraithwrite

Chris Geovanis

Bill Hackwell

Johnny America

Lynda Carson

Mike Tidwell........APPREHENDED reward paid

Peter Keys ........APPREHENDED reward paid

Shayne O'Neill

Chris Geovanis

Ciaron O'Reilly

Joshua Hart

Jacob Crawford

Peter Brown

Melody Sage

Jon Axford

Mark Clements

Bill Carpenter

Craig Gordon

Jim Lockhart


Chris Lugo

David Kennedy

Stephen Lendman

Keith McHenry

Stephen Clark

Mike Matson ........APPREHENDED reward paid

Ruth Valdez

Sadri Khiari

Kerry Mills

Gerry Bill

Andy Hibbs

Tracy Mapes

Barbara Stephens

John Stephens

Dan Domingo

Donna Lester

Amad Ashari

Wendy Snyder

Bradley Stuart

Miles Thompson

Mark Hawthorne

LeRoy Moore

R Wolf

Lynn Lomibao

Chris Stehlik

Stephen Lendman

Mark Roberts


Akio Tanaka

Elen Coy...........APPREHENDED reward paid

Lenny Cox

Tanya Denner

Larry Duncan

Seven Star Hand

Alex Pareene

michael harris

Francis Talbut

Mike Menzer.......APPREHENDED reward paid

Edna Harris

Toban Black

J.L. Fuller


John Lopez

Kim Evans

David Hawkens......APPREHENDED reward paid

Andy Thayer

Sidney Jess

Stephen Lendman

Jack Gerson

Scott Harris

Dan Morgan

Eric Newton

Mike Gable

Folks with Olympia Rising Tide, meanwhile, have this to say:

"It is important to remember that nothing good ever comes from talking to the police. If you don't talk, they won't have any information. The majority of convictions of activists would not be possible were it not for informants, undercover agents, and snitches. Even if you think you are going to 'clear up our name,' it is better to say nothing at all. If questioned by police, remember that the only thing you should say is 'I am going to remain silent. I would like to speak with my lawyer.' Without voluntary snitches, the police would be much less effective at neutralizing activist groups. However much reward money you are offered (and do you really think they'll deliver on that promise?), it is never worth it to betray your friends, comrades, and the movement.

Seattle Weekly spoke with FBI Spokesperson Ayn Dietrich, who is looking into whether the reward figures are accurate (we'll post an update as soon as she's done).

UPDATE: Dietrich tells us that none of the names posted on IndyMedia are people that the FBI has publicly named as being sought in investigations.

She could "neither confirm nor deny" that there were open investigations on any of them, but if so, there aren't any rewards available through the FBI for helping investigators find them.

But in the meantime, know that ratting out anarchists (those who've supposedly committed crimes) will result in the eternal scorn of the radical community, but it may also net you two grand.

So, um . . . your call . . .

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