Oregon Dog Owner and Supporters Fight to Save "Blue" From Execution

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On Sept. 12 of last year, a young toddler climbed into a dog's food bowl while it was eating and was bitten. Every day since that the dog--a 4-year-old blue lucy named "Blue"--has been a phone call away from execution. And every day since then the dog's owners and a growing number of supporters have been fighting to save him.

KOIN News reports that Blue, who's owned by Richard Raymond of Albany, Ore., has been held in a Linn County Dog Control shelter for eight months.

Under Albany city law, any dog that bites someone and is declared a "dangerous animal" by the city's police chief is sentenced to death.

Raymond knew the law, but wasn't about to let the city have the last word on whether his dog lived or died. Instead he hired an attorney to fight the city on whether a blanket one-strike-and-you're-out policy is legal.

Raymond's lawyer and what's now become hundreds of Blue's supporters are urging the city to come up with new subtleties in the law so that dogs that may have been violent, but had extenuating circumstances (i.e. a kid that climbs into a food bowl while the dog is eating), could be spared.

The heart of their argument is that a police officer is not qualified to determine if a dog is too dangerous to live--only a trained animal specialist or veterinarian should be able to make that call.

The Save Blue crowd will be at the Albany City Council hearing tonight, apparently with 1,300 signatures from people who think the dog should be spared.

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