Olympia, Wash. Has the Fastest Internet in the Country

When it comes to government, things couldn't possibly move any slower than they do in Olympia. The city's Internet, on the hand, well that's fast as shit.

The fastest in the country, in fact, says a new report by the FCC.

The report looks at Internet speeds not only in the United States, but around the world. Olympia leads with an average speed per resident of 21 megabytes per second. Seattle is second, tied with New York, at 11.7 mbps.

The U.S. as a whole doesn't stack up nearly as well as a handful of other countries. South Korean leads the world with average speeds of 35 mbps and the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany each eclipse America's average web speed as well.

Still, Olympia's online speed is certainly impressive.

Now if only the Internet was an actual being that could be voted into office.

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