Fine, We'll Admit It: Microsoft's Bendable Mouse Looks Really Awesome

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Remember where you heard it: Microsoft's bendable mouse, the Arc Touch, could well be the next must-have computer accessory. To say the least, it would mean a rare success in hardware products for Microsoft.

Microsoft, of course, deals mainly in software, and recent attempts to put out its own gadgets, most notably the Zune, have not ended well. (Bloomberg reported in March that Microsoft was killing the Zune, a contention the company hasn't denied outright.)

But this mouse! Just look at it!


You can adjust it based upon something so trivial as your mood. You can do little hand exercises while scrolling through your interminable e-mails. You can transport it pretty easily.

Coincidentally, today marks the official end of Microsoft's epic and historic battle with U.S. regulators over its monopolistic tendencies with regard to its bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

Who knows? Maybe in 10 years there'll be a new antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft for tethering its legion of bendable-mouse users to Windows, Internet Explorer, and whatever else it has in the software pipeline. Microsoft can only hope.

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