Korean Air Refuses to Let Dying Woman Board Flight at Sea-Tac

Oh, wait, you've got cancer?
Crystal Kim's daughter says she just wanted to take her dying mom to Korea for Mother's Day. But despite having two doctor's notes explaining that her mom's terminal breast cancer wouldn't pose a problem in transit, Korean Air still wouldn't let the woman board a flight at Sea-Tac.

KING-5 reports that when Crystal Kim and her daughter Mimi showed up at Sea-Tac over the weekend, they were told by Korean Air agents that Crystal looked too frail and weak to fly.

The agents said she would need a doctor's note in order to board. The Kims in fact already had a doctor's note saying the flight wouldn't be a problem for her, but when they showed it to the agents, they apparently said she'd need another note.

So the pair went back to Group Health to get another note.

But even when the pair returned with the additional letter, the KA agents still wouldn't let her board.

Since then, Korean Air employees have been ducking questions. They apparently even called the police when reporters showed up at the airport to interview the Kims.

No one from the company has responded to questions about why they denied the woman boarding.

Never one to miss an opportunity to make sure its competitors look like heartless bastards, Delta Air Lines on Monday stepped up and said they would fly the woman to Korea.

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