John Waite, Spokane City Council Hopeful, Has Just Locked Up the Geek Vote

john waite01 small.jpg
This is him dressed like a "Terran Marine" from the video game StarCraft.

Did I mention he owns a comic-book store? 'Cause he does.

Waite tells Seattle Weekly that the costume was made by one of his customers, Tony Malcolm.

When asked to describe which race of StarCraft species best describes his opponents, Waite doesn't hesitate to label them as the parasitic, insectoid "Zerg" race.

As for what justifies his designation as a heroic Terran Marine, the "fiercely independent" candidate says:

"I'm tough and rugged and hardworking and I have laser-like focus on the issues."

John Waite: "Defeating the Zerg Scourge and Balancing the Budget, Galaxywide."

john waite01.jpg

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