John Kroack, Anti-Abortion Activist, Barred From Planned Parenthood Clinic After Threatening Visit

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It's a been a rough year for Planned Parenthood, which nearly lost all of its federal funding due to anti-abortion grandstanding in Congress. So it's nice to see the feds stand up and protect the organization. Yesterday a federal court ordered John Kroack, an anti-abortion activist who had caused a ruckus inside a Lynnwood Planned Parenthood clinic, to adhere to a 25-foot buffer zone around the facility.

The 53-year-old Kroack, from Mountlake Terrace, is also obligated to pay a $5,000 fine, with $4,000 of that sum suspended on condition that no further violations occur.

The feds had filed a civil action against Kroack under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, a law passed in 1994, when Congress seemed more interested in protecting women's reproductive rights than assailing them.

Kroack was not your average anti-abortion protester. Rather than content himself with taunting frightened young women on the outside of Planned Parenthood clinics, he made his way inside the Lynnwood facility on January 7 of last year. He tried to force his way into the exam rooms by throwing his shoulder against a door that separated them from the waiting room. Blocked by a nurse, according to court documents, he shouted: "You baby killers!" and "You are all going to hell for being murderers!"

Police arrived and arrested him. When they searched his car, they discovered a machete and "several army-style bags" containing netting, rip cord, and camouflage clothing.

Fortunately, you don't hear about this type of incident happening much in these parts. But with the attack on Planned Parenthood moving to the states, especially those with Republican governors and legislatures, it's likely that more antagonism will be stirred up both locally and nationally.

"I think we're in the midst of a wave this year of activism by social conservatives, and they not only don't like abortion, they don't like family planning," Elizabeth Nash of the Guttmacher Institute told Fox News.

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