How UW's Angry Birds Almost Became the Secret Weapon Against Osama Bin Laden

An interesting study was carried out at the University of Washington a few years back. Wildlife Sciences Professor John Marzluff and his team of researchers would wear caveman masks while they captured and tagged crows. The crows quickly recognized the caveman masks and what they represented and the birds would attack the researchers relentlessly whenever they wore them. The Pentagon, meanwhile, was very interested in these discerning and rage-filled birds. And for some time, the military brass there thought they might hold the key to tracking down Osama bin Laden.

As KING-5 reports today the basic military thinking when they heard about the crow/caveman mask study was to ask what would happen if caveman masks were replaced with bin Laden masks.

Marzluff explained you could replace the caveman mask with an Osama mask, harass or even kill crows, and then wait for word to spread through the entire crow-nation. Osama's face would, theoretically, set off a crow commotion.

The idea that angry crows could be turned into terrorist assassins may sound ridiculous. But one can understand why the image of America's greatest enemy being pecked to death by highly-trained birds would be appealing.

Apparently at some point the military remembered that it has Navy SEALs, which is a far deadlier species of animal.

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