Governor Gregoire Greenlights New Growler-Friendly Guidelines

While visiting your neighborhood marijuana dispensary continues to come with its share of legal risks, let it not be said that our state government has a uniform policy of destroying your buzz.

Thanks to Governor Gregoire, you'll soon have more options than ever when visiting your local beer dispensary.

Specifically, two bills signed on Friday by the governor, which will go into law July 22, permit breweries, wine and beer specialty stores, restaurants already cleared to sell liquor and kegs of beer to go, as well as hotel bars to sell tap beer to customers bringing in their own carryout beer containers, commonly known as growlers.

Taken together, says Senator Steve Hobbs (D-Lake Stevens), a bill sponsor, these changes will allow small breweries that don't bottle (or, perish the thought, can) their beer to get more of their product to the people.

It will help small business! It will help save the environment! It will help farmers, maybe, in a very removed sort of way! And best of all, you need not procure a doctor's note before purchasing this mood-altering substance.

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