Gary Weddle, Ephrata Middle School Teacher, Finally Shaves the Beard He's Been Growing Since 9/11

gary weddle02.jpg
When Ephrata Middle School teacher Gary Weddle saw the World Trade Center towers fall on Sept. 11, 2001 he made a commitment not to shave his beard until Osama Bin Laden was killed or captured. Of course, in time, Weddle grew to look a lot like Bin Laden himself. So one can imagine that everyone involved was happy to see the patriotic professor show up to work today with a clean shave.

KOMO News reports:

"When the twin towers came down, I was horrified and I was glued to that television set for several days," Weddle said during an interview June 18, 2003. "And (I) realized that not only was I not taking showers I wasn't shaving."

Here's the before-and-after photo.


No word on how many "additional screening" detours Weddle was forced to take at the airport over the years.

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