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Folks who follow the Amanda Knox case religiously--of which there are thousands --have probably at one time or another visited Frank Sfarzo's blog Perugia Shock.


Frank Sfarzo, Amanda Knox-Case Blogger, Silenced by Google After Lawsuit by Italian Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini

perugia shock01.jpg
Folks who follow the Amanda Knox case religiously--of which there are thousands--have probably at one time or another visited Frank Sfarzo's blog Perugia Shock. A dedicated critic of Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, Sfarzo is one of the few Italian writers to exhaustively cover every hearing of the Knox trial and write reports in English. But this week his blog was shut down by Google after Italian authorities ordered it so.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (which recently named Mignini in a letter that accuses him of ordering assaults and harassment against journalists including Sfarzo) reports that Sfarzo received an e-mail earlier this week informing him that the site would be shut down, as ordered by an Italian court:

Sfarzo told CPJ that he received an email from Google, which hosts the site, last night informing him that a court order has been issued for the "preventive closure" of his blog dedicated to the Kercher case. In compliance with that order, Google took down Perugia Shock; it is now unavailable. It was from the court order, Sfarzo told CPJ, that he learned that Perugia Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini--who has a long-standing record of anti-press actions--has filed a lawsuit against Perugia Shock for "defamation, carried out by means of a website." The court order, which stemmed from Mignini's claim, was issued on February 23 by Florentine Judge Paola Belsino. Mignini is the lead prosecutor on the Kercher case.

This site is unavailable now, but a cached version of it can be seen here.

Mignini had long sought to have the blog shut down, but being that Google is an American company, most thought the Italian government would be powerless to force the issue.

Apparently they were wrong. Or Google's Blogger administrators are just a bunch of pansies.

At any rate, here's Sfarzo's last blog post, since here at Seattle Weekly we are decidedly pansy-free.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Key Moments in the Knox/Sollecito Case


Zoology of a Miscarriage of Justice

Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti, who were supposed to deliver their study on knife and bra clasp to the court next May 9, just asked for a postponement. It seems that their attention is now towards a possible contamination occurred outside the test. They are right because, as we know, that DNA doesn't fit any logic, it simply can't be there. Non-blood DNA on the blade requires another explanation than the knife being the murder weapon. And even for the bra clasp, as we shall see, there are some problems...



'Patrick killed Meredith'

'No, Amanda killed Meredith'

'They called the 112 after the postal police arrived'

'We surprised them while doing laundry'

'There was glass on the clothes'

'Amanda thrown her sweatshirt'

'There's a bleach receipt'

'There was a strong bleach smell'

'Raffaele brought his bloody shirt to the laundry'

'The shoe-print is Raffaele's'

'The shoe-print on the pillowcase is Amanda's'

'We had the intuition that the knife was the murder weapon'

'Raffaele was cutting girls in Puglia'

'You are HIV positive, good night'

'Amanda was a drug addict and was having sex with drug dealers'


Impressive: not even one right thing. Not to mention what they are forced to admit in order to justify themselves:

'Amanda said Patrick was the killer and yes, we believed her' (!)

'We didn't know who Patrick was, so we had not even studied the phone printouts'(!)

'Yes, we didn't record the interrogations'(!)

'Yes, we burned 4 computers (!) And we didn't pay damages'(not yet)

'Yes, we weren't able not even to find Nara who lives right there'(!)

'Yes, we knew there weren't buses that night and we didn't say anything, we forgot'(!)

'Yes, we turned the house upside-down while the scientific police still hadn't finished their job'(!)

'Yes, we weren't able to find the bra clasp during three inspections. (!) The biologists can do our own job better than us: they came from Rome and found it immediately' (!)


Mignini didn't arrest these people. Mignini and Comodi defend these people.

But these people don't defend Mignini and Comodi: they said 'Goodbye, your problem now!'

UPDATE: A Sfarzo supporter writes in to say that Perugia Shock is being rebuilt by "people who support him" at

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