Everett Cheerleaders Suspended for Forcing Newbies to Wear Diapers and Endure Hot Dog Beatings

hot dog diaper01.jpg
Folks who think that brutal hazing rituals only exist in big university frats and sororities should be glad they didn't try and become a cheerleader at Jackson High School in Everett.

KING-5 News reports:

Sources say some of the older cheerleaders on the Jackson High School squad made the new members wear diapers, then shot them with squirt guns and hit them with hot dogs.

An unknown number of cheerleaders were suspended for the hot dog diapering.

Several parents apparently met with Everett School Board officials on Thursday to try and get the suspensions overturned, but were unsuccessful.

Somewhere, meanwhile, some sorority sister is wondering how she didn't think of diapers and hot dogs thing when she was branding last semester's pledges with a fork.

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