Edgar Steele, Neo-Nazi Attorney Accused of Trying to Kill His Wife, Has Ban Lifted on Jailhouse Visits . . . From His Wife

UPDATE: After deliberating for more than a day, a federal jury today found Edgar Steele guilty of trying to have his wife and mother-in-law killed. He faces at least 30 years in prison. More here.

If neo-Nazi windbag attorney Edgar Steele really tried to have his wife killed, then the couple certainly seems to have made amends. Cyndi Steele, the alleged would-be victim, is a big fan of visiting her hubby in the clink. But until now, she hasn't been able to.

The AP reports today that U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill has approved a request by Mrs. Steele to visit her possibly murderous husband, under the condition that the visits be monitored.

Prosecutors say that Mr. Steele hired a hit man to put a bomb under his wife's car. The bomb was found when Mrs. Steele brought her car in for an oil change; her husband was subsequently arrested, along with Larry Fairfax, the alleged hit man.

Fairfax claims he put the bomb under the car per Mr. Steele's instructions, but that he disabled the explosive in an attempt to screw his contractor out of the hit money.

The motive for Steele wanting to kill his wife is supposedly so he could skip town with a Ukrainian girlfriend.

Mr. Steele made his name first as an attorney for controversial clients like the Aryan Nations. Later he came out as a full-on Nazi, posting racist rants on his blog and advocating for a pure-white society.

Mr. Steele and his supporters claim that he's being targeted by the government over his beliefs.

His wife obviously counts herself as one of those supporters.

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