Ed Pratt Assassination: Solved, Says Get-Away Driver's Ex, 'It Was a Monumental Hate Crime'

Ed Pratt.
Seattle Urban League director Ed Pratt was 38 when shot to death in the doorway of his suburban Seattle home Jan. 26, 1969. It was a tumultuous racial period in the city, and President Richard Nixon eulogized Pratt as "the Martin Luther King of the Northwest." But 42 years later, the historic Seattle killing is still officially unsolved.

Seattle Weekly last month reported that cold-case investigators now think it was a murder-for-hire plot, paid for by a fellow black community leader. Today, having obtained access to records never before viewed publicly, SW reveals the theory of the lone surviving witness who spoke with the killer that night.

Danella Jordan, former wife of getaway driver Mike Jordan, says the murder has been solved, even if detectives don't realize it. King County council member Larry Gossett calls Jordan's version of events "a more likely truth," adding: "It's been five decades, and in my view there's enough here now to solve this thing." The full story's here.

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