Dumb List: Washington Is "More Hipster" Than California (Less Than Rhode Island)

Look, a state-ranking list! And not just any state-ranking list, a hipster-themed one!

It comes to us via BuzzFeed, the most trusted name in youth pandering.

The site has ranked the top-10 "Most Hipster States" based on how many times its residents search online for terms like "Hipster Hitler," "Thrifty Hipster," and "Hipster Cat." It's an interesting way of looking at the actual number of hipsters, although reason would suggest that such searches might indicate ignorance about hipster culture--why else search for information on it?

Predictably Minnesota and New York are at the top of the list. Washington, meanwhile, comes in at #8.

It's empirical science at its finest.

hipster states01.jpg

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