Congressman Adam Smith Didn't Want to See Dead Bin Laden Pics--Here's a Description From a Senator Who Did

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Washington Congressman Adam Smith won't be looking at the photos of Osama bin Laden all dead and nasty. He'd rather focus on boring things like "preventing new threats to the safety of the American people."

But don't worry, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe took a peek. He says there's totally brains everywhere.

From the Atlantic Wire:

Inhofe described the photos he saw. He said he was shown 15 photos. A dozen of those were taken at the Abbottabad compound and appear to be "taken right after the instant he was shot." They sound gruesome. They show a massive head wound in the ear and eye. "The brains were coming out of his socket," Inhofe said.

Inhofe opened up more with Shep Smith on FOX News.

"They are gruesome, of course, because it was taken right after the incident," he said. "And so, of the 12, three of them were older pictures so that we could actually compare what he looked like when he had the black beard and what he looked like after he was killed. And that was part--the good way of making that presentation. Then they had some of his ear. Now, what had happened in those, I couldn't tell whether the bullet went through the ear and out the eye cavity or through the eye and out the ear because a lot of brains were draped out from the socket. But it clearly--what we saw there was it was him. There is no question he was dead. But, the more revealing pictures really were the ones on the USS Vincent and the North Arabian Sea."

I heard something about him being in his underwear?

"Now, what he was dressed in, some of these were just headshots so you only had the head shot. Only two of them showed that he was partially, I would say you would call underwear on, that was about it."

Gaping head-wounds and what "you would call underwear."

I can think of no finer attire.

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