Breaking: Customers Like Microsoft Again

We're big fans of pointing out Microsoft's many failings here at the Daily Weekly. So it's only fair that we occasionally point out the times that they kick ass.

In this case, we're not so much pointing out that Microsoft is doing well.

Actually, the company's customers are pointing it out.


This from new numbers released today by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which shows Microsoft posting a record-high satisfaction rating of 78 (out of 100).

It was only a couple years ago that the company's ratings bottomed out at 69.

That doesn't necessarily mean that people are buying Microsoft products any more than they used to (both PC and software sales are down from last year). But it does mean that fewer and fewer people feel like putting a gun in their mouth every time Windows crashes or they're forced to make a phone call to Hajim in the Bangalore technical support office.

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