Brandon Scott Quintana, Florida Teen, Arrested for Fighting Mom Who Drank His Starbucks

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Any guy who gave a lackluster gift to his mom for Mother's Day this weekend is encouraged to forward her the following story under the subject "At least I'm a better son than this guy."

"This guy" is Brandon Scott Quintana, a 19-year-old from Port St. Lucie, Fla.

It seems that Quintana's mom woke up from a nap recently and needed a tasty beverage before she went to the store to buy some groceries to feed her adult son. And in her search for liquid refreshment, the 43-year-old mother happened upon a chilled Starbucks latte in the fridge--her son's chilled Starbucks latte.

So she drank it and then went to the store.

But when she returned home she found her son waiting. He was not pleased.

TCPalm reports:

When she got home, Quintana started "ranting about the coffee." She told him she bought him a two-liter soda and that she pays for his gas to and from work.

Mom's reasoning for drinking the beverage wasn't satisfying Quintana, and according to his mom, he continued to "rant" about the coffee. At one point he supposedly refused to move from in front of the computer, and when his mom tried to make him move things got physical.

It's unclear exactly what transpired, but Quintana called the police claiming that his mom punched him in the face. But when an officer showed up, she saw that he had no visible marks on his face (just a hellacious neck beard).

That officer writes in an arrest report that Quintana soon changed his story to say that his mom punched him in the shoulder, not the face. Of course, the teen had no visible marks on his shoulder either.

Long story short, it supposedly became clear that it was Quintana who had assaulted his mom and not the other way around, and he was arrested for battery.

Quintana apparently told the officer that he was "pissed off" that his mom "stole" the drink, and that he'd "spent every cent on that coffee."

Later, as he was being hauled off in a cop car, Quintana supposedly whined that the only reason he was being arrested and not his mom was that the officer was a female and "females stick together."

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