Tim Lincecum, Now With Own Custom Logo, Is No Longer the Indie Kid of Baseball

Lincecum logo01.jpg
Tim Lincecum has his very own logo now. It's the one you see to the right here. That's right, Mr. I Smoke Weed and Grow My Hair Out and Weigh 160 Soaking Wet has his very own Air Jordan-esque brand.

Tim, as most of us know, is a local, having dominated clueless batters at Liberty Senior High School in Renton and now owning a pimp-worthy (albeit hilariously-undecorated) bachelor pad in Belltown.

It's true that The Freak never took an actual oath against selling out to corporate overlords or anything. But just looking at him and projecting one's internal assumptions about his values, it's obvious that he wants to be the anti-star.

At least in the perfect world inside my head.

But here he is with his logo.

It was rolled out by the Giants on Thursday and will apparently be used for his "personal projects."

Seriously, though, if anyone one of the Giants deserves their own logo it's The Machine.

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